Track-Guide II Terminal Maximize

Track-Guide II Terminal

  • Low entry-level price
  • Future-proofed thanks to APP&GO
  • Can be expanded for ISOBUS machine control
  • Can be expanded to Variable Rate Control
  • Can be expanded to Section Control
  • Less overlapping
  • Fewer untreated areas
  • Early warning of obstacles
  • Work at night or in poor visibility

More details

The TRACK-Guide II is the new all-rounder in steering systems. The new functions of the TRACK-Guide II allow the terminal to be used anywhere, not only as a steering aid but also as an ISOBUS machine control system. The new software and hardware concept gives the device unprecedented variability. As a user, you can apply activations (apps) and expansion options to upgrade the terminal according to your needs, thereby adapting it to meet your individual requirements. Customers therefore benefit from having a future-proofed device and enjoy a huge cost advantage.

The basic version of the TRACK-Guide II contains the TRACK-Leader function, a user-friendly parallel steering system for parallel tracks and contours. The lower section of the screen shows the machine with the current guide line as a graphic display. The upper section of the screen, the header, shows a light bar. The lower bar shows the current distance from the ideal line and the upper bar shows a preview. The system also provides the option of marking obstacles. When the SECTION-View function is used, the driver can see whether sections should be activated or deactivated. Obstacles and guidance lines in each field can be saved in addition to field boundaries. Fields and machines can be managed clearly by allocating names. Interrupted operations can be saved and resumed at any time.

Thanks to the new “APP & GO” software licensing concept, the TRACK-Guide II has almost unlimited possibilities. As well as offering parallel tracking and automatic steering, the device can be upgraded to a full ISOBUS terminal (ISO 11783 compliant). Maximum precision and efficiency can be achieved using a range of correction signals and RTK systems. Cameras or radio camera systems can also be connected to this innovative terminal in order to monitor daily routines. For analysis and storage of operating data, you can use a TRACK-Guide desktop or the farmpilot internet portal.

All terminals are fitted with an integral Tractor-ECU (TECU) as standard. Even in tractors without ISOBUS, this guarantees that the machines receive information such as forward speed, PTO speed, working position and direction of travel. This information is essential nowadays because it is needed for precision farming applications.